Cash Out — description and rules

1. Cash Out is a feature that allows you to settle an open bet for a value determined at the time of “cashing out”.

2. Bets that fulfill the criteria for Cash Out, can be Cashed Out before all included matches have been played.

3. When you are Cashing Out a bet, you will get paid according to the odds for the won parts of the bets and all other parts will be set an odd of 1.0.

4. Bets are possible to Cash Out when they only include matches that not have started yet and/or matches that have been played and settled as won.

5. When a bet includes a match that has started, the bet cannot be Cashed Out until that selection is a win.

6. A bet which includes one lost part, is lost and cannot be Cashed Out.

7. All details are displayed before you finally confirm the Cash Out.

8. The Cash Out is immediately credited to the betting account and can be used for placing new bets or requesting payout.

9. A Cash Out is a final transaction for the bet and cannot be rolled back.

Good Luck!